The City That Never Sleeps, The Big Apple that has no shortage of colorful nicknames and to spend time here is to understand how all of them are so richly earned. No other city in the world has sparked the imagination like New York.



New York is first and foremost a melting pot of different cultures has come a culinary tradition so rich that even street food vendors have earned Michelin stars.

If you’re looking for delicacies to hunt, the city’s neighborhoods are a catalog of new, classic and globally inspired cuisine. Not far from Rockefeller Center is Manhattan’s legendary 21 Club, the decades-old eatery that still tops the New York social scene. In Chinatown, you can grab plates of dim sum at Nom Wah, noodles at Lam Zhou and Peking Duck at Peking Duck House. Italian food? The city’s selection is best described as “bellissimo!”
If you favor your sweet tooth – but don’t mind standing in line – the croissant-meets-donut “cronut” at the Dominic Ansel Bakery in SoHo is a delicacy well worth the wait.


Whatever your retail pleasure, you’ll find it in New York City. Both the fashion focused and the window shopper will always find something to amaze.

Known as “Millionaire’s Row,” Fifth Avenue is the city’s most prestigious retail district and the center of the shopping world. Few experiences are as indulgent as strolling through its mega department stores and small, hip boutiques. For a glimpse into the trendy world of haute couture, head down to SoHo, one of the city’s most diverse shopping enclaves. If you’re looking for glitz, glamor and that special gift, Times Square is for you.



The City is a whirlwind of activity, with attractions and distractions around every corner. To name just 100 of its best sites is to leave out another 100 spectacular ones. Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Guggenheim Museum, the MoMA – touring New York City is the stuff of legends and Hollywood movies.
Many of the best places to visit are within walking distance of each other, making this city a delight for sightseers. Any time of the year – day or night – there’s always something to see and do.


Dramas, musicals, comedies – the people who are creating great theater are creating it on Broadway in New York City.
Considered by most to be the theater center of the world, Broadway is the place to see the latest new shows and the long-running classics. The theater district is home to over 40 major venues and dozens of “off-Broadway” selections. West Side Story, The Phantom of the Opera, Cats – they all got their start on “the great white way” known as Broadway.
Just be sure to book your tickets early. The most popular shows tend to sell out well in advance!

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