The City of Light has inspired more picture postcards, romantic films and groundbreaking works of art than perhaps any other city in the world. Few places embrace life quite like Paris.

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The essence of this city is its cuisine. Every meal, every dish, every bite is a monument to French culture and history.

Your culinary tour should begin with the classic French bistro. As few can challenge the creativity and imagination of Bistro Paul Bert, with its lively atmosphere and fresh takes on steak frites, andouillette, soufflé and tarte Tatin. For the more adventurous, there’s Le Grand Colbert and its traditional Parisian frog legs.  It’s no secret the French have revolutionized the pastry, elevating it to an art form. In Paris you can taste the artistic efforts of some of the finest pastry chefs. There are over a thousand bakeries in Paris – and fortunately you don’t have to choose just one. Some of the more noteworthy include Blé Sucre in Bastille and Du Pain et des Idées.


Parisian shopping has captured our collective imagination with its opulent department stores and upscale boutiques dotting grand avenues.  The city’s luxury hub is the lavish Golden Triangle, home to fashion icons like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Chanel and Balenciaga. If it’s quirky curios, vintage clothing and unique antiques that you seek, make your way to Montmartre – home to some of the best shopping in Paris.

A must-stop on any shopping itinerary is the legendary Champs Élysées. Meander up and down this magnificent boulevard and you’ll find a seemingly endless stretch of art galleries, high-end retailers and historic cafés. As they say in Paris, bon shopping!

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A stroll along Parisian streets reveals one stunning vista after another. The sights of Paris top the world’s list of “must sees.”  Dominating the Paris skyline is the iconic Eiffel Tower. Not far from its shadow is the spectacular Louvre Museum, home to some of the most prized artworks on earth. For true “wow” factor, it’s hard to beat the Jardins du Trocadero, the Arc de Triomphe and a boat tour down the Seine River.  Of course, it’s just as easy to be drawn down the charming cobble-stoned streets, stopping along your way to savor the city’s rich and vibrant café culture.

Vivre la Paris!

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