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Milan is a city of the future, anchored in centuries of culture. It’s a fast-paced metropolis where living large and indulging grandly are the orders of the day. It’s the global capital of vibrancy and chic.



Milan is in the world’s top 5 for most-starred Michelin restaurants. Its specialty is Northern Italian cuisine, characterized by Risotto Milanese, Veal Milanese and the delightfully decadent Ossobuco. Traditional Milanese dishes are extraordinarily satisfying.

Milan is also a modern hotbed of culinary creation, attracting many of the best chefs from the peninsula and beyond. Renowned above all for their great meats, Ribot is a year-round favorite among locals with a menu that includes ribs and fillets faithful to the Tuscan tradition. For the classic trattoria experience, try the very grown-up Trattoria Del Nuovo Macello with its legendarily fresh, rustic ingredients.
From the traditional to the exotic to the innovative, Milan invites you to pick a table and pull up a chair.


If there’s one city that’s worthy of the “fashion capital” crown, it’s Milan – where looking good is taken to a new level.

The center of it all is undoubtedly the Quadrilatero d’Oro (The Golden Rectangle), where some of the world’s best luxury, fashion and jewelry boutiques sit alongside up-and-coming new designers. Via Monte Napoleone is the must-see area for any self-professed fashionista or “it” girl. It’s the place to go to see the most exclusive designs in the industry. An international point of reference for the fashion minded, Milan is one city that’s in vogue all year round.


The Arts

Milan has long been the center of Europe’s most historically significant movements in art and architecture – from 14th century Gothic to the Futurism of the 20th century.
Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper and many other magnificent masterpieces can be found here. There’s also the spectacular Gothic Duomo cathedral, arguably one of the most impressive structures in all of Italy. Its elaborate façade took thousands of workers over six centuries to complete. When it comes to culture, Milan rules supreme.

And since many Italians view football as an art form, it’s worth mentioning that its two legendary football clubs routinely trounce national and international competition.

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