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Kuwait Airways policy for Pets and other Animals

How to carry pets in cabin?

Please note that pets are not allowed to be carried in the passenger cabin on Kuwait Airways and are only allowed to travel in a Pet Carrier in the cargo hold of the aircraft as Checked Baggage.

EXCEPTION: For flights to and from the U.S., Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs are permitted in the aircraft cabin and can travel free of charge. The dog does not have to be placed in a pet carrier.

Passengers traveling with a Service Dog or Emotional Support Dog must provide 48 hours advance notice to Kuwait Airways and check in at least one hour in advance for flights longer than eight hours.

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are animals that provide emotional, psychiatric or cognitive support for individuals with mental health conditions or emotional disorders, but may or may not have task-specific training. Kuwait Airways only permits dogs as ESAs (“Emotional Support Dogs”). If you would like to transport an Emotional Support Dog in the aircraft cabin, please contact Kuwait Airways’ Reservation Office, as you will be required to provide the following up-to-date (i.e., no older than one year from the date of the passenger's scheduled initial flight) documentation on the letterhead of a licensed mental health professional (e.g., psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, including a medical doctor specifically treating the passenger's mental or emotional disability) stating the following:
(1) The passenger has a mental or emotional disability recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders—Fourth Edition (DSM IV);
(2) The passenger needs the emotional support or psychiatric service animal as an accommodation for air travel and/or for activity at the passenger's destination;
(3) The individual providing the assessment is a licensed mental health professional, and the passenger is under his or her professional care; and
(4) The date and type of the mental health professional's license and the state or other jurisdiction in which it was issued.

Transport Regulation for Animals on Board

  • Pets will be charged as Excess Baggage and payable at the airport during Check-In process. Rates are detailed below*
  • It is mandatory to inform the airline Reservation Office in advance in case of any restrictions, as last-minute requests for an applicable service may not be feasible and therefore rejected.
  • Pets should be accompanied by a valid Health Certificate and Vaccination Certificates, Entry Permits, and other documents required by country of entry or transit. Certain countries have strict quarantine regulations and hence rules must be verified before travelling.
  • Please also note that you should contact the Kuwait Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAF) for further details regarding Health Certificate, Vaccination Certificates, Entry Permits, and other documents required by the country of entry or transit (
  • The animals (if more than one) should be in different Pet Containers for their safety.
  • Dimensions of the Pet Container must be related to the actual size of the animal for which the Container is constructed and must allow the animal to stand and sit upright, turn and lie down in a natural manner.
  • The Pet Container must not cause the animal to damage itself, all inside edges must be smooth and rounded.
  • The Pet Container must be constructed of nontoxic material and the floor of the Container should be solid and leak-proof and without any wheels.
  • The door must be constructed so that accidental opening cannot occur either from the inside or outside.
  • The mesh on the Pet Container must be nose and paw proof to avoid injury to the animal and handlers.
  • The Pet Container must be adequately ventilated on at least three sides with most of the ventilation being provided on the upper part of the Container.
  • Separate food and water troughs with food and water must be provided either fixed inside the Container or attached to it so that the animals are able to access them during the journey.


Kindly note the following for the Passengers travelling with Pets from the UK: , as per UK approval received from the Animal and Plant Agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural affairs, Kuwait Airways accept Pets for Carriage as Cargo and to Kuwait Only, (no attendant available in transit (KUWAIT) to look after Pet).
Carriage of live animals and birds is not allowed to be carried on flights to U.K. as baggage, however the same can be accepted as freight with Airway Bill.

The Pet in hold charge is as per table below:

Charges in KWD Kuwait GCC except DXB Middle East Indian Sub-Continent Europe Far East DXB USA
Kuwait - 25 30
40 45 55 46
GCC except DXB 25
30 40 50 55 65 46
Middle East 30 40 45
50 55
60 70 70
Indian Sub-Continent 40
50 50 -
55 65 80 70
Europe 45
55 55 55 - 65 85 95
Far East 55
60 65 65 - 95 85
DXB 60
70 80 85 95 - 105
USA 65
75 70 70 95 85 105 -

In case weight and dimension of the Pet, including the cage, exceeds the Baggage Allowance for each class, an over-weight Pet Container not exceeding 72kgs, and over-size Pet Container not exceeding the permissible dimensions, shall be charged as per table below:

The Pet in Hold Charges for Over-weight and Over-Size:

Charges in KWD
Kuwait GCC Middle East Indian Sub-Continent Europe Far East USA
Kuwait - 10 12
Middle East 12
Indian Sub-Continent 16
Europe 18
- 26
Far East 22
- 34
USA 26
30 28

The above over-weight charges shall be applied as outlined below:

Weight Charges
24-32 kg 1x the overweight charge
33-41 kg 2x the overweight charges
42-50 kg 3x the overweight charges
51-72 kg 4x the overweight charges

For the relevant over-weight charges themselves, please refer to the above table

*Region Definitions

GCC includes Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dammam, Doha, Dubai, Gassim, Jeddah, Madinah , Mashhad, Muscat, Najaf, Riyad, Tehran, Shiraz
Middle East includes Amman, Alexandria, Beirut, Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor​
Europe includes Athens, ​Baku, Bodrum, Frankfurt, Geneva, Istanbul ,Larnaca, London, Malaga, Munich, Milan, Nice, Paris, Rome, Sabiha, Sarajevo, Tbilisi, Trabzon, Vienna​
Far East includes Bangkok, Manila, Guangzhou​
Indian Sub-Continent includes Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Colombo, Dhaka, Delhi, Islamabad, Kochi, Lahore, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram
USA includes New York​​