Advance Seat Selection

Reserved Seat 

Economy Class Chargeable Seats for flights starting from 4 February 2020, ​is a new optional service that can be purchased by customers who wish to guarantee more convenient Economy Class seats located near the front of the aircraft. All aircraft will have non-chargeable seats in the standard zone that can be assigned to the passengers for free. Different pricing will be available as well for those passengers that prefer Window or Aisle seating. Not all pre-reserved seats will incur a fee.

General Terms and Conditions
  • Economy Class Chargeable Seats can be booked up to 6 hours before departure time from any Kuwait Airways sales channels; including Online, Mobile, APP, Web Check-In, Kuwait Airways Office or Call Center (171).
  • Chargeable seats are applicable only on Economy Class of Travel.
  • Chargeable seats are priced per passenger/flight segment in the booking.
  • Chargeable seats are applicable only on Kuwait Airways operated flights.
  • Chargeable seats likewise are applicable for OASIS redemption tickets.
  • Chargeable seats cannot be transferred to any other passengers.
  • Chargeable seats are subject to availability.
  • Existing assigned seats on bookings created before 20 January 2020 will be protected and kept without additional charges.
  • Seat with baby bassinet facility is chargeable, but the seat is available only for bookings that includes an infant
Economy Class Exit Row Seats
  • Children, infants, passengers with medical assistance or wheelchair, unaccompanied minor, expectant mothers, elderly passengers etc. are not allowed to be seated on exit seats. For more details refer FAQs
  • Airline shall use its discretion to accept or deny the passenger for these specific seats at the airport as per the Airline’s safety policy.
  • In instance of denial of acceptance, the fee collected would not be refunded.
Exemptions from Economy Class Chargeable Seat
The following cases will be exempted from chargeable seat fees:
  • Standard chargeable zone seats become non-chargeable within 24 hours of departure.
  • OASIS Gold members and accompanying passengers in the same booking
  • OASIS Silver members and accompanying passengers in the same booking will be exempted only in Standard Chargeable Zone.
  • Bookings with stretcher and oxygen
  • Economy Class Chargeable seats are only voluntarily changeable if for same flight or date, exclusively through any Kuwait Airways Office or our Call Center (171) and cannot be performed online/mobile/APP.
  • Voluntary seat changes for same flight /date to:

    - a more expensive seat fee, difference to be paid.

    - same seat fee, no charges.

    - a lower seat fee, new seat with no refund for the residual amount.

  • Economy Class Chargeable seat changes for different flight or date are not allowed.
  • Involuntary seat changes:
  • In case of change in aircraft type, the reservation system will automatically reassign the seat to a similar seat characteristic in the new aircraft.
  • In case, a similar seat characteristic is not available to be re-assigned, contact any Kuwait Airways Office or our Call Center (171) for seat reassignment in accordance with the paid seat fee.
  • The Economy Class Chargeable Seat is non-refundable for voluntary changes and for No-Show.
  • For Involuntary aircraft changes, refund will be considered for Chargeable Seat.
  • In case the Passenger is unhappy with the rearranged seat then below options are available according to the following criteria mentioned for prepaid seat refund process within 01 year of the issuance.
  • Booking done through Kuwait Airways Website/mobile/APP; passenger to email
  • Bookings made through Kuwait Airways Office/call center: passenger to contact the respective issuance office where the e-ticket was issued.​
  • Bookings made through travel agents: passengers to contact the respective travel agent where the e-ticket was issued.