Corporate Profile

  • Vision & Goals
  • 68th Anniversary
  • Our History


A pioneering national carrier in air transport services in the region that ensures the highest levels of safety and delivers outstanding services that make it the customer's first choice.


KAC provides safe first-rate commercial air transport services by operating a modern and efficient fleet that supports the continuous enhancement of its services, the improvement of its competitiveness in the region, and the advancement of the process of economic development in the State of Kuwait.

Corporate Values

KAC is committed to:
  • Continuous improvement of services
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Serving the Kuwait society
  • Transparency
  • Good governance
  • Teamwork

Our Goals

  • To provide customer-oriented services that meet the individual needs and preferences of our clients.
  • For clients who look for best-in-class services, we provide for them a premium product.
  • For clients seeking value for money, we provide a reliable economy product.
  • Our philosophy is to be an airline with a global reach and a local touch. Our clients will appreciate our services that enhance both novelty and tradition.


  • To serve the entire community of Kuwait
  • To become the preferred carrier for inbound business travel.
  • To become a link for Business and Leisure travel between Eastern and Western regions.


  • We are an international airline. We connect the Kuwaiti economy and society with the world whenever it is economically feasible.
  • We are an important link. The geographic location of Kuwait allows us to link with the GCC countries, the Indian sub-continent and Asia with Europe, and the USA and vice versa.

Financial Viability

  • To grow in line with the market demand in Kuwait and capture further growth opportunities in the Middle East.
  • To provide a viable investment opportunity to the private sector.
  • For us, financial viability is the key to become a trusted and respected enterprise to our investors, customers and employees.
  • After the Liberation of Kuwait in 1991, we proudly rebuilt Kuwait Airways. With the same spirit we look at the future and take the challenge of transforming Kuwait Airways into a profitable enterprise.


  • We believe that highly-motivated and well-trained employees can show distinguished performance. Therefore we empower our employees by providing rewarding career opportunities and excellent training.


  • To use technology to improve our product reliability, safety and on-time performance.
  • To use integrated Management Information Systems to support the management decision-making by providing accurate and actual information on market and own performance.


  • To become a catalyst for the future economy of Kuwait and the neighboring regions.
  • To build a strong relationship with the local community, especially with suppliers.
  • As the flag carrier of Kuwait, to continue to be associated with success and excellent performance.

We optimize our operations to make great deals and cheaper flights for you. We are in the air travel business since 1954. Purchase your ticket and enjoy your trip with us.


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Kuwait Airways celebrated the 68th anniversary of its establishment since March 1954, and coinciding with this occasion, launched the “Beyond Excellence” ‘BE’ Transformation program, which is a digital program aimed towards developing the work system to reach the highest levels of customer service and designed to focus on maximizing efficiency, and to sustain growth while maximizing returns. The program is digitally structured with the objectives in reaching outperformances while maximizing talent engagements within the Company.

The program includes four main pillars across the domains of Environment Social and Governance (ESG), Performance, Customer Experience and Growth in all areas. Kuwait Airways implemented the first of these pillars by launching the new Platinum Card, which is the highest category of Oasis Club and the Home Check-in services, to be followed closely by other pillars of the program successively.

As for its future plans, Kuwait Airways is focused on a strategy to reach all the countries of the world, thereby expanding the Blue Bird’s network to new markets across the globe, by operating to 17 new destinations during 2022, which will enable to serve customers better in a manner, while achieving the highest levels of comfort and providing all their requirements.

Kuwait Airways is functioning with all available capabilities for the Blue Bird to attain the largest share in the global aviation market, through diligent review of customer requirements and implementing them. From this viewpoint, the Company has undertaken a number of important steps to ensure that these requirements are met, including but not limited to: the restructuring of Kuwait Airways’ fleet of Airbus aircraft, which is in line with the Executive Management’s strategy for the expansion where it aspires to reach all the countries of the world, through the launch of various new destinations, that will cover the requirements of customers.

Kuwait Airways is also looking forward to mobilizing the efforts of the Company’s employees, utilizing the stock of experiences it has acquired during these 68 years to achieve a strategic approach and to reach the highest levels of competition with international airlines. This is in addition to emphasizing its relentless pursuit to initiate change for the better through the latest, best, and most accurate systems applied in the world of aviation and the most appealing, as well as facilitating service performance to maintain the loyalty of our valued customers.


Last upated:December, 2020​

On the wave of the oil boom of the 1940s, a national carrier was born in 1954. Initially, Kuwait Airways Company served a limited network of Basra, Abadan, Beirut, Damascus and Jerusalem; however, a year later the fledgling carrier was facing economic hardship, and the government of Kuwait took a 50% interest in the airline, subsequently doubling the company's capital. Having entered the rough and tumble world of aviation, the government finally took 100% share in Kuwait Airways.

Kuwait Airways entered the jet age in 1962 by leasing a Comet 4-C, the world's first jet-engined airliner. In the 1960s, the national carrier rapidly expanded its route map, and scheduled services to London began three times a week. To keep pace with fast-moving aviation requirements, three Boeing 707s were delivered in 1968. Ten years later, Kuwait Airways had an all Boeing 707 fleet of eight aircraft.

In 1978, Kuwait Airways entered the wide-body age by taking delivery of its first two B747-200s, adding a third the following year. This expansion permitted Kuwait Airways to extend its network to New York to the west and Manila to the east.

Modernization of the fleet continued, and four B727-200s were delivered in 1980-1981. Two years later, eight Airbus A310s and A300-600s were delivered, and in 1986 three Boeing 767-200ER aircraft joined the wide-body fleet.

Following the destruction of its premises and 15 of its aircraft during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the airline was relaunched. Moreover, the company was restored after the Liberation of Kuwait, and a basic strategy was constituted to expand its operations around the world. After the Liberation of Kuwait until 1998, the Kuwaiti Airways fleet consisted of 17 aircraft.


At the end of the year 2014, Kuwait Airways initiated the plan to develop its fleet, as it received 35 aircraft till the end of 2023, as follows:​

  • 5 Airbus A330-200 aircraft received between May-November 2015.
  • 7 Airbus A320-200CEO aircraft received between December 2014-June 2015.
  • 10 Boeing B777-300ER long range aircraft all received between 2016-2017.
  • 9 A320neo aircraft received between 2019-2023.
  • 4 A330-800neo aircraft received in 2020-2022.

In addition, Kuwait Airways will receive the following aircraft in the successive years:

  • Seven A330-900 aircraft.
  • Nine A321 NEO aircraft.
  • Two A350 aircraft.


On July 4, 2018, the Terminal 4 (T4) of Kuwait International Airport was inaugurated as Kuwait Airways' dedicated terminal for operating its flights, with an area of approximately seventy thousand square meters. Terminal 4, (T4) commenced functioning on August 15, 2018.

Kuwait Airways aims to re-establish its network to reach more than 46 countries around the globe with a firm commitment to providing the finest service and comfort to passengers while continuing to rank safety as one of highest priorities.